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A nother way to produce a sound is by rubbing upper edge of the bowl with the stricker, in a
circular movement. This technice requires a bit of practice, but produces a nice deep sound,
and usually a happy surprised smile from the patient...
Most sounds in nature are actually made of many sounds, that are called "overtones". With the
singing bowls sounds it is usually easy to hear the different overtones that "produce" the sound. Usually there will be one dominant tone that could change for the same bowl if using different
strikers. It is advised to try different strikers and find the best one for each bowl or purpose.

The effect of the bowls The vibration of the bowls, while they are placed on the body or near it, creates a gentle massage for the cells and the internal organs. It releases energetic blockages, positively affects and balances the brain waves, and has a calming influence on the nerve
system. The singing bowls sounds gently bring the body to a deep relaxation, and can have a powerful healing effect. Even after a short session, people feel great vitality and a new kind of wakefulness and perception. This all happens without any effort or "trying" to achieve anything...
it just happens. You can use the bowls playfully, play them while on the body or around it (in the space that surrounds the patient or yourself). Listening and feeling the sound waves flowing
around and inside of the body create a very special connection to the body and to the space
        around it.  Many times after a session like this, people feel "something" special in the air...


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