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...You will still be left only with words and concepts, and no "real" Truth or "true" Knowledge.

Still many of the Scriptures divide the Human Being into the physical (the Body), the Mental (mind and thought), Emotional (the Soul), and the Spiritual (consciousness or God?).

These divisions are artificial and happen only in our mind. I guess they co-exist one inside the other, or maybe they dont exist at all... but we use them for practical purpose and for communicating. We usually use one of them as a doorway to change... One could say that the difference between each of these dimensions is in their "density", affecting one layer effects them all.

So the most obvious and easy to notice is the body. Through touch, breath, motion and attention one can start the journey back to our self.
After the body come thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns. It is possible to get to know them and influence them through conversation, guided imagery, meditation, attention and awareness -and here already I found the most interesting question...
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