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Some more about Guy  I started my path as a Grinberg body-mind practitioner. From the first week I was curious about how the Grinberg method  was created, what Techniques did Avi Grinberg himself learn before "discovering" it? and would we learn also about the background for the method (coming probably from many disciplines such as Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Martial Arts, Different Meditations, Carlos Castaneda`s teachings and other shamanic cultures...). The answer I got was "No"...
So after studying the method for 3 years and going through another year of Instructors course in the method, I started my long way as a practitioner, teacher and mainly a student... I wanted to learn more, and so I started to investigate the different dimensions and origins of different teachings, discovering amazing techniques and deep philosophies. I learned Guided Imagery and found out the mind is the origin of all that exists... practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gong, found out about using Intention, learned different Meditations (Focusing on Vippassana), Discovered the Tibetan Singing bowls, voice and overtone work and many other paths.
I found out that every Technique uses and focuses on some of the dimensions of human existence - you can call it energy, quantum theory, body, soul, spirit, frequency, vibration, consciousness, awareness, chakras, auras or any name you wish to give it.


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