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Chi Gong-    The third aspect of the practice is the spiritual one. it can be described as finding the "Self" or "God" as well as the "power of creation" and "life" that is all around us. the "learning" ocoures through the movement and through the experience of "that" (which cannot be defined verbally), in our Body and Being and so requires no background or spiritual/philosophical/religious knowledge.

There are many styles and variations of Chi gong. Amongst those that I teach are:

Sheng Zhen - A very special Chi gong intended for Opening the heart and awakening the soul, it could actually be called The Chi Gong of Unconditional Love, since that is its main goal.

Sound Chi Gong
- There are different types of chi gong that use sounds to connect to the inner body and to move the chi. this is a very powerful and effective practice. it affects also the Internal organs.



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