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Chi gong is the art of cultivating and manipulating Chi (Prana or life energy).
It has its origins in Taoism and Budhism, and one of its goals is to connect man with the Cosmic Harmonious flow and with Nature.
Chi gong involves three aspects of the human life- the physical, the emotional and the Spiritual.
It is constructed of sets of exercises intended to support  the flow of chi, to create a healthier and more vital body, to heal and strengthen the body and soul, and to bring our consciousness back to peace and happyness which are of her nature.

The meaning of the term "Chi-Gong" is: "Practice of Chi", so we are learning and practicing how to move the chi In and Around the body. This keeps the body strong and healthy, and helps balance it.
The practice is actually a combination of movement and meditation. most movements have a special meaning and intention (like connecting to the heavens or to the earth) and through the movements we both learn to use our intention and to strengthen different qualities and elements in our lives.



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