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Guy Shemer, 43 years old, a former Architect, today mostly teaches Chi Gong and performs healing meditation-concerts with Singing Bowls in Israel, India and Europe.Guy also teaches and uses other technics working with people individually and with groups.
He has learned
The Grinberg Method for 3 years, plus a forth year of group instructors. Guy has learned Guided Imagry in the Retter Institute, and has a diploma of Tai Chi instructors from the "Givat Washington college" in Israel.

"Travelling in the world (Brazil, India, Israel, Turky, U.S.A. and many other places)
I have met many people, healing methods and a variety of "techniques" and traditions. Usually I looked for the essence of what hides behind all the teachings... when you peel away the "story" you are left with the pure and simple presence - awareness. I teach people to "be" in their body and in The present moment, and to act by that which arises out of the situation, without "knowing" what is going to happen, without restricting reality to what we believe it to be in our mind... without restricting ourselves and others in the "comfortable" boxes. (are they really comfotable?)


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