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...Sometimes We seem to "Forget" that we are Free.
One can come meet me with a "big" Theme that is following us in life for a long time, or with a matter that just popped up and seems to need someone from the outside to help see through.
I work with people who have physical symptoms as well as with people that just feel something "missing" in their lives.

1) Information about short process or one time session
Many people come for a one time consultant meeting, on a professional or personal matter, In which we want to have more clarity. Sometimes our confusion is simply coming out of that we are still in the midst of a process. It could be emotions or fear that are blocking us, or just old habits and believes.
Through our own presence, quiet observing and acceptance of what is, and through knowing our inner strengths and what is blocking us from using them, we can get the clarity needed to start the way "out" of feeling stuck. Sometimes 2-3 meetings are enough to create significant change in our perception, and in our reality.
Using the tools of Diagnosing, Attention, Conversing, Clarity, Listening to what the person comes with, It is easier sometimes to receive help from the "outside" to expand our perception.

2) longer term Process












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