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           Who Am I  (The Teaching of Ramana Maharshi)
This thought of " I " (strange concept that might take some time to digest) is really just a thought... Once looked at and searched for, You discover that this " I " is not to be found anywhere... there is no "real" entity that could be this " I ", and if there would be... Who would be there to know that "I" ?
So where to start from? What to search for? The old time teachers tell us that You are That Which You Are Searching From...          Ramana Maharshi tells us to ask this question "who am I" and then remain quiet.. after looking and checking for some time that you are not this-nor that (neti-neti in the scriptures) You are not the body, nor the mind, nor are you the name you were given or the "person"... then you are requested to remain still. There is the feeling of "I Am" which appears mysteriously when the Body is born. Ramana Tells us to stay with that feeling and not touch any "thing" outside. This I am is the first born thought, from which all other thoughts (which create the world as we perceive it) come into existence. Leave any other thing (because you could not be a "Thing", could you?) and stay with this feeling of "I Am", then see. You will discover that you Are pure Consciousness. You are the Perceiver of everything that Is.
Can YOU Be Perceived?
stay with this question quietly... It might be the last question you ever need to ask...
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