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      Who Am I (The Teaching of Ramana Maharshi)
If you have been reading a bit in these pages, or have been going through some of the many spiritual paths available (or just through life for enough time), you might know by now that you are the creator of your world. The way you experience "Your World" depends mostly on your perceptions, thoughts and reactions to events, people and whatever is in your surroundings. Usually you learn to change, Improve and "fix" These.
Now comes the Final question. Who is this creator-perceiver ? Are you the Body? the Mind? the Thoughts? the Name you were given? your profession? any title you or others give you (Mother, Father, Son, Daughter of... Intelligent / Stupid / Nice / Boring / Interesting) any Quality You may have, cannot be You... and if we take all these away- Who is still be there to know that? Who are you?
This question could be considered the last step... (
On a path going nowhere because in Absolute terms you Are already That which you Are.
But still this could be for some people the most Important question in there life, and in fact any suffering, unhappiness or discontent is really coming from this misconception and our Identifying with a "Person", with the Body, with the thoughts that appear, disappear and reappear... and mainly the Identifying with the thought of  " I "...
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