Watch the graph line in the device, try to remember it in your mind.
Now Imagine This is the graph line of your thought level, and the middle line is where your quiet zone is (No mind area), a place with no thoughts, total silence.
As you can see (and feel) most of the time there is some thought activity going on, with peaks of intensity which are the upper and lower points.
Now close your eyes, imagine the graph in your mind, and watch the movement of the graph following your thoughts and their intensity. Look at the peaks and how they change according to your thought level. The graph is following your thoughts.
Now Imagine the "noise" in the graph decreasing, meaning the line becomes a little flatter. You can Imagine a "switch" like a radios volume button, and turn it a little until the noise in the graph is reduced somewhat. Slowly the thoughts in your head are slowing down, becoming less intense, as the line is flattening. After 2-3 minutes try gently to flatten the line (in your imagination) until it flattens to the zero. As the line is flattening, the head becomes more and more quiet, empty from thought.
Stay with this pleasant feeling for a few moments...
On the right is the "Peace Maker", it is an "advanced" device to create silence...
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