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The Grinberg Method contains a whole section of diagnosing through foot reading (with similarities to Reflexology). Through the feet, are reflected the different aspects of ones life- The Mental structure (Air element), How one relates to the world, relations, work and doing in general (represented by Fire), the Emotional world of ones feelings and digestion (Water) and the aspects dealing with Grounding, stability, Family and Home (represented by the Earth element). We look at the Abilities of a person, his Personality, Background, Potential and how much of it is being fulfilled. Through the conversation it is possible to create clarity about what one wants or longs for in his life, his or her direction, and about how to find more balance and peace in what we are doing. It is possible to come with a personal or professional question, or any other dilemma in which you wish to create more clarity and to open more space for new options that we sometimes dont notice.                     
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