(The Grinberg Method)
For example a person who in situations that might apeare as confronting to him (or stressing / worrying / embaressing and so on) might react by slightly lifting his shoulders, creating effort and stress in the shoulder and chest, this reaction might repeat itself any time there is a chance of such a "familiar" situation, even when it is not relevant (sometimes it was relevant 20 years ago as a child). He might also reduse or change his breath in this situation, and cause the people around him to feel this same stressful energy and sometimes he himself will simply create the same situation just by repeating this energy pattern in his mind and body, and cause it to happen again and again...
with the same or with different people every time.

This person might discover with time, how he is creating situations of the same "quality" (of confrontation / anger / pressure / anxiaty) just by the automatic reaction in his body. people that meet him, sense his unaware reaction, and haveing their own automatic patterns and reactions... they will respond to him the way he is used to. This creates what we normally call "Relationships"... and traps people in the same relationships or situations even with different partners or people. people become "victims" of their reality, unable to change it.


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