Guided Imagery
This powerful Tool is based on the fact that our body (and reality!) responds to things that happen in our mind (thoughts, believes, doubts and so on) as if they are happening in reality. Researchers have found physiological nerve changes with people that just Imagined they were doing physical activities such as running and even significant improvement with basketball players who for a while were only imagining that they are shooting to the basket and that was there only practice!
It is common knowledge today that our believes effect our reality and change how we experience life. Changing our believes is not always easy, and this is where using our imagination power becomes helpful.
Working with Visualization, while the person is in deep relaxation, allows us to "converse" with the subconscious, find and identify fears and difficulties that prevent us from fulfilling who we want to be, and also change our thinking patterns and believes, so that our reality will change appropriately.
Guided Imagery is also very relaxing, pleasant, and can connect us to intuitive and spiritual abilities within ourselves that are not yet discovered.
I have personally found that combining Visualization with body work and attention to the body can be very effective.   when could this help?



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