The Information given in these pages is General, it is good to consult a teacher or an authorized person (as a doctor or an instructor) before starting to practice intensively. while meditating it is better to have all the physical needs met before, and not to "expect" anything to happen (like to succeed, to wish for a specific sensation, silence or "enlightenment"...) if a sensation arises which we had not expected, or thoughts come, better just observe them with no reaction... here... thoughts are coming again... if a reaction arises, watch the reaction... there is no point to try and control what arises by itself, just watch it and bring you attention back to the focus of your meditation as much as you can.
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There are many "techniques". for me meditation is being "one" with something, and then disappearing into it... it could be what you are doing (tai chi, music, standing, sitting, walking, cooking, eating) The body or an element in nature (flower, tree, river), an idea or a quality you wish to strengthen in your life, or even the entire universe. At some point you just "stop" doing and being just pours through you. It is peaceful and deep, and also a very creative state since
no one is interrupting creativity from doing its "thing"... you know this state from being in love, or doing something you love... bringing this state into anything we do in life and into as many moments of our lives, is the magic and the happiness of it... simple yet deep. 
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