Intention, Attention and Acceptance of the Now  Could be considered  more to be Principles than Techniques, but due to their major importance in allowing change to happen, I let them have there own page...
Life by its essence is flowing and changing all the time. It is only us humans that sometimes try to "hold" on to and control what already is.
To let change happen, or to find peace, the main key is to be attentive, to observe what is (happening in the body, the mind or any aspect of reality). To observe and accept what we discover, from the depth of our being, without wanting to change what we find, or desiring for things to be otherwise.

The place of Struggle and Effort (which could sometimes be our usual position in daily life) is not the best place from which to start real change in our life.
After allowing reality to be as it is already, it is sometimes enough to express our Intention, and being done accurately and authentically (while releasing some of our fears and believes) that alone could allow the life force to lead us through, as it is ever changing by its nature. Change leads to more change, and that means sometimes a small change is what is needed to start with...
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