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       Tibetian Singing Bowls
My first encounter with the singing Bowls was some years ago,
before even coming to India. It was love at first sound...
These wonderful instruments, made of 5-7 different metals, create
heavenly sounds, and have a powerful vibration that echos and
penetrates the body. The tibetian Lamas (Religious leaders)
use the bowls for meditation, healing, and in ancient times also
 for Shamanic ceremonies. The sounds bring deep relaxation,
reminding us that this is our natural state. They also help balancing
stressed and blocked areas in the body, and create deep inner silence.
The bigger bowls usually have a deep and low sound.
I use the different bowls for different parts of the body, listening to my
own instinct and to what feels right to the patient.

When could they be useful?
in times of pressure and stress, for people who have trouble letting go, for those who "can not meditate" or just dont connect with meditation (and Surely for those who Do...) to strengthen the natural power of healing and flow in the body, or just as a time for quietude and fun... usually I combine also some massage and touch in the session.
article about singing bowls
coming concert-meditation Tiruvanamalai

photoes from concerts and events
batchlor/bachlorete party with the singing bowls
purchace a singing bowl
play the bowls now- click Here
video with the singing bowls











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